Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing is becoming more and more popular. These are great eating fish and fun to catch. We offer these trips year around but focus on them February through July. These are the months we usually get the biggest fish and the catch numbers can be high. We do note we opt to release the large females as these are the spawners and the fish we wish to protect. 

Walleye are fun to catch and great eating fish. Also known as Columbia River Gold. They are white meat and when filleted correctly they make great fish tacos. Our methods for catching these fish change with the conditions. Matt's favorite is jig fishing. Holding the rod and working it correctly is very rewarding once a fish bites. You get to feel everything. We also use various worm harnesses and with bottom walkers to troll. Also a fun way to catch them. 

We run our Walleye trips between The Dalles and Rufus Oregon. The weather can be cold but its all worth it to get the chance to catch the next record fish.